Join UVC

Membership in the United Veterans Council of San Diego County is open all who choose to be indentified as sharing in the works and rewards as a UVC team member.  Individuals & organizations may join in the following identifications:

1. UVC Member.  Veterans, family members, friends, and supporters of Veterans, both from within and outside San Diego County.

2. UVC Member Organization.  Veteran Service Organizations and other non-profit entities, as well as commercial corporations providing services or support to Veterans or engaging in Veteran-benefit purposes.

“UVC Member” and “UVC Member Organization” status is purely an identification of those who share in informing and supporting Veterans.  UVC Membership status conveys only the opportunity to share the work and rewards of the UVC Team and to be carried on the UVC Rolls; and does not impose any formal obligation, responsibility, or allegiance.

Membership requests may be entered via the CONTACT US tool and instructions on this website, or by message to .