About Us

The UVC functions primarily as a forum for information concerning the Veterans community of San Diego County and beyond, with the intent that information will be passed on to the front lines of all Veterans Organizations and associations.

At our monthly meetings we enjoy the participation of all Federal, State, and Local government agencies whose mission is to serve Veterans, and we receive the personally presented reports from the Directors of all those agencies, as well as regular reports from elected members of the Congress, the state legislature, and municipalities; while we retain firmly non-partisan practices and publications.  

We also actively host the introduction of new initiatives to advance the quality of life for Veterans and their families. As well as, the identification of needs and vulnerabilities affecting both individuals and groups of Veterans. We do this with the purpose of improving the conditions of those affected by any situation that arises. Our wide range of activities and adaptive structure are now recognized throughout the state and the nation, and are followed by other Veterans communities.

Commanders and Presidents of Posts, Chapters, Associations, etc., are encouraged to attend monthly General Session meetings or to appoint a representative to attend to represent your organization.  All interested individuals are also welcome at all General Sessions, as well.

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